© Warners Metro Welding Pty Ltd. 2010 Made with Xara   Automotive Specifications:      AS. 1789    GMW3044 –Approved Applicator!    S437 -  Ford Compliant,      Environmentally Friendly Process:    Trivalent Chromates – Passes 400hrs before white corrosion!    Meets new Automotive hexavalent chrome free standards!    Ideal for post powder-coating applications!    Trivalent Gold and Black Finishes, fastener torque control.   Full Laboratory QC Support:   Thickness testing    Analytical Solution Monitoring    Automotive Std. Compliance.    Neutral Salt Spray Testing.   l   Production Capabilities:     Rack or Barrel Applications     Tank dim’n 3000L x 1200D x 900W     PHOSPHATING-Rack and Barrel     HER- Heat Treatment    Pickup & Delivery via arrangement Warners Metro Welding Pty Ltd  is proud to announce full details of a plant upgrade strategy which redefines industry standards in commercial and automotive zinc plating standards and quality. Listed are our operational capabilities which bring a new level of quality, consistency and performance to our functional and decorative zinc plating finishes. Call us anytime on   9729 4511 Currently Under Construction